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We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your business and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Direct to Consumer

In today’s market, building a double margin business is one of the most important elements for future success's in the wine industry.

The Wine Distillery can provide a 'one stop shop' for direct to consumer marketing services, with a focus on growing direct sales. By ensuring customer engagement, retention and brand loyalty, we assist wineries to build lifetime customers and relationships.

Our direct to consumer model is based on our team of hand - picked professionals who have a great deal of expertise in their specialised areas. To assist you to build your direct sales, we provide the following services:

  • Annual direct to consumer promotional plan

  • Wine Club set up and management, including continuity program Database development

  • Website and search engine optimisation

  • Social media campaigns and promotions

  • Targeted Influencer program, both wine industry and social Digital analytics and reporting

  • Tasting room program and staff training

In an environment where many businesses are getting starved of margin, we will help you achieve growth by building a double margin business.


Sales Management

Wine Distillery Barrels of Wine

The Wine Distillery has an experienced team dedicated to global sales with a select market approach.

They are not only driven by sales outcomes, but also understand the importance of genuine business relationships. 

Therefore, they also assist each winery in nurturing their existing client base while building their sales channels.

The team at The Wine Distillery are passionate salespeople with extensive wine industry experience. They all have strong, established contacts in the Australian domestic markets, as well as key export markets, including US, UK, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Logistics and Export 

The Wine Distillery can also assist your business with:

  • Trading and export documentation services;

  • Logistics and stock management by working closely with the wineries in regards to their packaged and bulk stock on hand. Mapping out the cases required on an annual basis to help strategise and seek the right sales opportunities for the brand.

Administration and Communication

We provide consultation services for:

  • Product quality and price points

  • Australian standards and protocols

  • Trademarks, legal guides and contacts 

  • Wine valuation and

  • The creation of a Portfolio Brochure, which can be customised as required for international markets.

Let's talk all things wine. Contact us today.

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